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Going underground and back in time with postal icons

An entrance to Kansas City's unusual headquarters for U.S. stamp distribution (left) is reminiscent of a caped crusader's secret cave. The Postal Service's logos and seals have seen a few changes over the past couple of centuries; four, including the oldest and newest, are shown here (right).

This edition goes underground -- literally -- to the unique home for the Postal Service's Stamp Distribution Services center in Missouri. Next, you'll travel through time with a look at how the Postal Service's corporate logo has evolved over the years, with help from a postal historian.

You'll also hear a brief roundup of the latest postal news and learn how you can enter to win a collectible stamp item.

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Going underground and back in time with postal icons, transcript

Transcript for the October 2103 podcast.

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Drive-in + movies = USPS


Summertime is known for its blockbuster movies, and the June edition of Your Postal Podcast follows suit with a star-studded list of the best movies with Post Office-related themes.

You'll also hear how some Arizona customers are able to stay in their cars to mail packages and letters, as well as our monthly roundup of postal news.

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Photos: Susan MacDowell assists a customer from the USPS Sun City West Branch's drive-through window. "Appointment with Danger" starring Alan Ladd is one of Hollywood's best postal-related movies of all time, according to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum's curator.

45th Edition

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Cycling carriers make deliveries green; and an old Post Office makes history


HinsdalePostOffice.jpgThis edition of Your Postal Podcast takes you to sunny Arizona, where letter carriers have been delivering mail on bicycles for more than a quarter-century.

You'll also hear about a New England Post Office that has operated continuously in the same building longer than any other in the nation.

The podcast concludes with its usual roundup of the latest Postal Service news.

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Photo top: Sun City, AZ, Letter Carrier Robert Franco uses a bike to deliver the mail.

Second Photo: The record-setting Hinsdale, NH, Post Office.

29th Edition

John Lennon: Artist, legend & stamp collector

This edition of Your Postal Podcast offers a revealing look at the early childhood of John Lennon, seen through his collection of postage stamps, put on exhibit at the National Postal Museum this month on what would have been the Beatle's 70th birthday. Hear one of the Smithsonian's conservators talk about young Lennon's stamp album and the clues it reveals about the man he was destined to become.

Also, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the October edition of Your Postal Podcast features the story of a Missouri postmaster who has a personal interest in being among the nation's top sellers of Breast Cancer Research Semipostal stamps.

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29th Edition, Transcript

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